mark-smithHigh Value Publishing

I help organizations implement a High Value Publishing model that generates traffic, customer engagement, and revenue for publishers and their partners.

I’ve worked in publishing for over 20 years, launched dozens of magazines (Windows NT Magazine sold for over $100M), launched book publishing platforms worth millions and subscription video services.

I will work with you and your team to build a roadmap that will increase the value of your publishing business.

I providing digital marketing consulting and courses for authors through my company, High Value Publishing.

Publishing Experience Highlights

  • Launched Windows NT Magazine  in September 1995 (print, events, and online) reaching millions of IT professionals in 160 countries, 13 languages.  The publishing company was sold to Penton Media for over $100 million in September 2000.  Up front investment: $400k.  Sale price: $105 million. Return on investment = 26,150% in 5-years.
  • Developed multiple magazine subscription fulfillment systems
  • 10+ years of business development including online publishing, fundraising, mobile commerce, eCommerce, humanitarian software and marketing platforms
  • Developed direct-to-consumer business for major book publisher
  • Developed online courses and membership sites for B2B niche publishers
  • Created B2B leadgen & digital marketing teams

Non-Profit Organizations

  • I direct Aslan’s Army, a non-profit that I started in 2003
  • I help non-profits with digital marketing and fundraising

Business Startups & Authors

Sometimes I work with friends to help them start a business, write a book, or both.  Sometimes I will write a blog post to answer their questions, which is why you’ll see the startup & author posts on this website.

Why not help multiple people with one answer?