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Book Review: How to Blog a Book by Nina Amir

Today’s author must be an entrepreneur. It’s not enough to write a book and then hope that someone will discover it, buy it, and read it. Getting your book written is only a small fraction of building an author’s platform.

How to Blog a Book, by Nina Amir,  is a step-by-step guide for building a successful blog, writing a book and creating customers. The book includes practical advice on planning, writing, producing, promoting, and selling your book. By beginning with the end (a book) in mind, each blog post gets you one steps closer to your end goal. This is the key to getting started, staying motivated, and sticking to the plan.

The book references over 50 tools (i.e. WordPress plugins, web services, social marketing services, outsourcing tips, etc.) you can use today to create a book. The book does not go into the technical details about how these services work, so I’ve got a lot of follow-up research to do as I follow the steps to blogging my way toward a book. Nevertheless, I now have a road map and the motivation to start my book writing journey–which is worth much more than the price of the book.

What I like about How to Blog a Book is that Nina put her words into practice.  She started with a blog,, and ended about a year later with a published e-book. So, if you follow Nina’s advice, you end up with a blog that follows best practices, a book proposal, a social media marketing plan for your book, and of course, your completed book.

I recommend the How to Blog a Book and the accompanying website as a practical and motivational guide for blogging your book.


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