Platform by Michael Hyatt

Platform: Getting Noticed in a Noisy World by Michael Hyatt is a great resource for building a platform that will help promote your product, service, or yourself.

Hyatt uses his own blog,, his books and his speaking engagements as examples of products that can be promoted by a solid Platform. Hyatt has an email list of 250,000 subscribers and 140,000 Twitter followers that he has developed over the past several years.  Platform is a guide that explains what tools and content he used to build that kind of following.


Platform Technology

Platform tells you why you should pursue various tools and in many cases, what type of tool you should use.  Hyatt mentions at least 55 different technology tools that he has used to build his own website.  What’s missing from Platform  is how to use a tool and how that tool integrates into your Platform.

Since the book was published in June 2012, is now starting to cover some of the how-to material, such as How to launch a self-hosted WordPress site.  This is a good start, but there are literally dozens of platform technology tools that Hyatt mentions that need to be implemented to re-create his success.

Hyatt is no ordinary guy.  Hyatt is the former Chairman of Thomas Nelson publishing and has been in the publishing industry for 25 years.  This means his network was already quite significant before he wrote one word on his blog.

So, here’s the burning question:  Can a normal guy like me follow Hyatt’s Platform “recipes” and achieve the same level of success?

I think its worth a shot. Besides, there are a lot of people out there who want to build a platform, but need someone to show them where to start, what tools to use, and how to use them, in a step-by-step guide.  Perhaps I’m the guy to do it.  I did it before with Windows NT Magazine, although that was with a VERY technical audience of IT professionals. Could the same thing be done with ordinary platform builders?

Bottom Line

I highly recommend the book Platform.  Buy it, read it, and implement it.  

Full disclosure.  I work for Thomas Nelson, the publishers of Platform, so I indirectly benefit from the sale of the book.  That being said, I wouldn’t recommend the book unless I thought it was worth your money and time to read it.  Thomas Nelson publishes 4,000 books and this is the first one I’ve recommended on this website.  If you are interesting in purchasing the book, click here.

If enough people are interested, I would be willing to lead a study group that would help each other build our platforms by going through each concept in Platform, implementing the suggested tools and then blogging or screencasting about our experiences.  The result would be a how-to guide for building a platform. We could all compare notes in the comment sections.  In addition, I could also use real-world case studies from websites we are launching as part of Thomas Nelson, where I would show you step-by-step on how the website was built.

Are you interested in working together to build your platform?  Let me know.



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